Custom post patching reboot notifications

One of the pain points for system administrators today is to maintain the compliance of patching which often cannot be achieved without reboot of end user devices. Although various patching tools do provide these features but often they are not flexible enough to meet each customer’s demand. Here is a little script created in AutoIT which could let you create a custom popup notification and you can schedule this as per your requirements using group policies. Such tools are often useful where you cannot force reboot user systems.

Download and install AutoIT scripting tool. Use the following code and build a new .exe

TraySetToolTip ("System Update Checker") 
$ver = RegRead("HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate\Auto Update\RebootRequired","")
If @Error < 0 then
 TrayTip("IT - System Updates", "Important system updates have been installed on your computer. Please save your work and restart your system as soon as possible.", 20, 1) 
 Sleep (10000) 

Schedule the .exe above to run every hour (change frequency as required) on end user machines via group policy.

If new patches have been installed and a reboot is pending then following popup will appear on the tray reminding users to reboot asap.

Once rebooted the script will not take any action and close silently. Do remember to customize as per your requirement.


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