Decoding Powershell Help

Once you have found what command would serve your purpose (read here), you certainly need to understand its syntex and parameters. Help is one place where you can go and understand this, however, you need to know how to decode the help in powershell.

help commandlet or get-help commandlet


Here you see three different syntex in which this command can be run. All three can be used based on the input parameter values you have in hand.

Run help with -Full parameter to see more details for each parameter e.g. help get-service -FullCapture.JPG

You will notice there are different set of parenthesis around different variables. These can be read as follows:

  1. [] around parameter e.g. [-Name] signifies its positional i.e. you don’t need to type -Name to signify that you are specifying a name. You can simply type the value at its mentioned position e.g. 1 in this case.
  2. It entire parameter along with its value type is enclosed in [] then that parameter is optional. e.g. -DisplayName is required paramter whereas -ComputerName is not.

You can find more valuable input under the NOTES section in help specially the aliases that can be used for any particular command along with some examples.


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