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With more and more technologies starting to use Powershell for its operations, sometimes it becomes difficult to find command for a particular task. Now when you launch Powershell, some of the modules are by default loaded into the memory based on operating system being used but some of them are not loaded by default although they are available on the computer. The good thing is, if you run a command from a module not loaded, it will get auto loaded. In order to see what modules are loaded, run the following command:


To see what modules are available which can be loaded run:

get-module -List

You can manually import a module using:

import-module -Name Nameofmodule

Now lets decode a commandlet. The ‘Get’ in get-module is the verb part of it and ‘Module’ is the noun. With so many modules for various applications and numerous commands within each module, to find any particular command can be challenging specially if you don’t have the manual in front of you. Here is how you can do it easily using get-command:

get-command -verb get -noun *

This command with fetch all commands starting with get-


You can use only verb, only noun or both.




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