How to package Integration Packs for Microsoft Orchestrator

When you write your own integration packs for Microsoft Orchestrator, it becomes important to understand how you publish them to Orchestrator in order to be used. The process is simple and is described below:

Build your Visual Studio project for creating the integration pack. Once done you should be able to see a .dll file in the debut folder under bin. This is all we need to import the integration pack into the orchestrator.1

Step 1:

Open the Orchestrator Integration Pack Wizard on your Orchestrator Server.


Click on next and enter the details as required. Under Resource File, select the path of the .dll file and click on next.


Click on Add to add the Activities.


Select the Activities one at a time and click on next when finished.



Click on next once done. Click next on the screen below.


Select the target folder where the output file (.oip) would be stored.


Finish the Wizard by clicking next on the remaining screens. The oip file should now be available in the location specified above.

Step 2:

Open Deployment Manager and right click on Integration Packs and select “Register IP with Orchestrator Management Server”. IP Registration Wizard will open.


Click on next and select the oip file created in step 1.


Click on next and proceed to finish the Wizard.

In the Orchestrator Deployment Manager, Right click on the Integration Packs again and click on Deploy IP to Runbook server.


Add the Orchestrator Server where you want to push this and click on next.


Proceed to finish the Wizard.

Now open your Orchestrator designer on the server above and you should see your IP under the Activities.


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